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With sunny blessings throughout the year, Mauritius, which stretches over 100km along the warm seawater coastline of the Indian Ocean, still remains a “want to go”.

Since the introduction of a more liberal real estate market, Mauritius has become increasingly popular with the international mobile community which includes HNWIs and influential business people. 

Therefore, non-citizens and expats can purchase residential properties in Mauritius according to schemes approved and administered by the Economic Development Board (EDB), such as: Smart City Scheme, Luxury Residential Properties, Integrated Resort & Real Estate Scheme, Invest Hotel Scheme, Property Development Scheme, Apartments & Parks, Hotels & Marina, Entertainment & Tourism.

Attractive business environment

Invest in Luxury Real Estate

You are eligible for an Occupation Permit (OP) in Mauritius when you acquire a luxury property for at least USD 375,000 under the IRS, RES or PDS program. 

Work Permit

An application for a work permit is submitted by the employer to the Ministry of Labor, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training.

Enterprises that employ large numbers of foreign workers and are not subject to work permits, in principle, must first obtain permits from the Ministry in order to apply for work permits.

Occupation Permit (OP)

An Occupational Permit (OP) is a combined work and residence permit that allows foreigners to work and live in Mauritius for three (3) years, and is renewable. There are three (3) categories of work permits: Investor, Professional, and Self-Employed.

Non-citizens who have a residence permit under PDS will be exempted from an Occupation or Work permit to invest and work in Mauritius.

A privileged setting with multiple benefits

invest, work, live & retire

The Economic Development Board approves and manages initiatives that allow non-citizens and expats to purchase residential property in Mauritius.

Global Business Banking

The Mauritius financial sector offers lucrative opportunities for global business banking by offering a wide range of innovative products for investment structures targeting emerging markets in Asia and Africa.

Financial hub for africa

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the ‘FSC’) is the integrated regulator for the non-bank financial services sector and global business. Established in 2001, the FSC is mandated under the Financial Services Act 2007 and has as enabling legislations the Securities Act 2005, the Insurance Act 2005 and the Private Pension Schemes Act 2012 to license, regulate, monitor and supervise the conduct of business activities in these sectors. The current regulatory framework has many strong elements, including reliance on solvency monitoring, prudent asset diversification, international accounting standards, and actuarial methods.

Investment Banking

The growing demand for investment in the region makes Mauritius the preferred platform for structuring financing needs.

Private Banking

The increasing pool of High Net Worth Individuals in Mauritius as well as in the region, makes the jurisdiction an ideal platform for private banking and wealth management services.

Why Mauritius?

Situated at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, Mauritius has historically been a trading platform, but has now become an investment platform. Since 2005, according to data from the Peace Fund, the island is the most stable country in Africa and is recognized as the best country to conduct and operate business in Africa (ranking first in ease of doing business in Africa - World Bank) .

Capital Markets

The capital markets in Mauritius are one of the liveliest areas of the economy, and the country offers dynamic debts and stock market. This is the second largest market in Africa. Mauritius offers investors a dynamic stock market market and offers world-class transactions. The trade in fixed interest and equity is usually carried out by market intermediaries, which are regulated as an investment agent. Since 1989 since 1989, the Market of Mauritius (SEM) is today one of the precursors in sustainability of the African continent.

Best Retirement Plans

Benefits Of Investing In Mauritius

Therefore, the Mauritian government provides numerous opportunities for global investors through the Smart City Scheme to share Mauritius’ vision of creating a smart, innovative and sustainable city of the future. Smart cities are centered on the concepts of work, life and entertainment, with smart technology and pioneering innovation as the core, and integrate the comprehensive development projects of international metropolises. Its purpose is to provide a happier lifestyle through the development of self-sufficient cities, which provide comprehensive sustainable solutions, and ensure minimum waste and maximum comfort, for the long-term benefit of all citizens and future generations, regardless of class, society and economy.

The Mauritian government is committed to turning these ambitious goals into reality and has established the “Smart City Scheme” that provides investors with a clearly defined supportive framework and attractive financial and non-financial incentives. This paved the way for enormous investment opportunities in the broad components of pioneering urban development. Enterprising visionaries have come up with compelling smart city development projects to complement the island’s attractions.