Foreign Direct Investment

A Guide to Buying Luxury Property in Mauritius

Factors to Consider When Buying Luxury Property in Mauritius

Investing in luxury real estate in Mauritius offers numerous advantages, such as an excellent quality of life, stunning beaches, and plenty of attractions to explore.
The island’s secure and predictable financial climate, along with a stable government and economy, provide a safe and reliable investment for the future.
Additionally, the mauritian real estate market is expanding, with property values consistently increasing, and attractive tax benefits, making Mauritius a great option for those seeking to invest in luxury real estate.

Legal Requirements

For Permits & Residency

You are eligible for an Occupation Permit if you spend at least USD 375,000 on a luxury property in Mauritius under one of the approved programmes.

Work Permit

Businesses that hire a lot of non-Mauritian workers are exempt from needing a work permit and instead must receive approval from the Ministry of Labor, Industrial Relations, Employment and Training before submitting an application.

The government of Mauritius offers a number of incentives to foreign investors, such as tax exemptions and residency permits.

Residency & Citizenship By Investment

Residency and citizenship by investment in Mauritius is a program offered by the Mauritian government to international investors who are looking to gain residency in the country.

The program typically requires applicants to purchase a luxury property or to invest in a business in the country.

In return, successful applicants can gain residency in Mauritius and access to the country’s business banking system and lifestyle benefits.

A privileged setting with multiple benefits

invest, work, live & retire

Mauritius was proclaimed by New World Wealth as the safest and wealthiest country in Africa.

International Business Banking

The Mauritius Financial Sector offers a comprehensive range of new solutions for investment strategies aimed at bridging the Asian and African markets, thereby making it an appealing option for international business banking.

Financial hub for africa

The Financial Services Commission (FSC), established in 2001, holds the authority to administer and manage the activities of both the non-bank financial services industry and international trade. Supporting legislation, such as the Financial Services Act 2007 and the Securities Act 2005, the Insurance Act 2005, and the Private Pension Schemes Act 2012, empower the FSC in their regulatory enforcement. A reliable infrastructure is in place, featuring a range of measures such as actuarial processes, sound asset diversification, international accounting standards and solvency monitoring.

Investment Banking

Mauritius is the go-to location for structuring financing requirements due to the increasing demand for investments in the area.

Private Banking

The growing pool of High Net Worth Individuals in Mauritius and the surrounding area makes the country an attractive location for private banking and wealth management services.

Why Mauritius?

Mauritius, located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, began as a trade platform but has since evolved into an investment destination. According to data from the Peace Fund, the island has been the most stable nation in Africa since 2005, and it is recognised as the best place to do business in Africa (ranked first in ease of doing business in Africa - World Bank).

Capital Markets

The capital markets are one of the busiest sectors of the economy, and Mauritius has a flourishing stock and debt market. Mauritius, Africa's wealthiest country, offers investors a vibrant stock market and world-class transactions. Fixed interest and stock trading are often assessed by market intermediaries, who are regulated similarly to investment agents. Since 1989, the Mauritius Market (SEM) has been a frontrunner in the African continent's sustainability.

Smart City Development

The Benefits Of Investing In Mauritius

As a result, the Mauritian government offers many opportunities for international investors to share Mauritius’ aim of establishing a smart, innovative, and sustainable city of the future through approved schemes. Smart cities, built on smart technology and leading innovation, are centred on the principles of work, life, and entertainment, and incorporate the extensive development ambitions of global metropolises. Its goal is to develop self-sufficient cities that can provide comprehensive sustainable solutions, minimise waste, maximise comfort, and encourage a joyful way of life for all present and future generations, regardless of class, society, or economics.

The Mauritian government, which is committed to realising these ambitious goals, has developed the “Smart City Scheme,” which provides investors with a well-defined supportive framework as well as appealing financial and non-financial incentives. This created enormous investment opportunities in numerous sectors of innovative urban development. To complement the island’s charms, innovative minds have created fascinating smart city development projects.